How Steam is Saving PC Gaming

How Steam is Saving PC Gaming

Steam is a great program in that it allows you to download a lot of games straight to your hard drive. It also has a built in instant messaging program too so that you can easily be chatting with your friends within your games. Since that is built in it also causes it to be much easier to be connected to friends who’re playing the same games and jump right into their games.

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Because you have to have steam on your desktop to play the games you downloaded through it it can make it much harder to pirate games. Most companies are turning to steam to solely distribute their games now since creating a physical copy can make it ten times more geared to be pirated.

The greatest drawback to having Steam be so anti piracy is always that sometimes you want to do some stuff that just isn’t allowed from it, such as play offline. Some games you might want to put on your laptop and play them offline when you are on a trip or something. Well you have to log in in order to play it. There may be some methods around it but at the moment I am not aware of any.

Overall steam is a great program simply because they do bring a lot of older games back to the table that you can’t run anymore if you are running Vista. I’ve a few hard copies of games that I couldn’t get to work anymore since i know have Vista but since you can get it through Steam it can make it work.

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